According to a 1994 report by the Local Government Development Foundation, the decisive thrusts of local bureaucracy in the future will be in the use of information technology (IT). The report concluded that eventually, the availability and use of IT as a tool of management in the future is inevitable for local government if it is to squarely meet the challenge of local government administration in the 21st century.

In that respect, the City Computerization Program (1990-1995) of the City Government of Davao has provided a strong foundation in the use of IT as its cutting edge in local administration by the year 2000. The program was institutionalized in the 1996 reorganization by creating an office with structured positions systematically coordinated, goal-directed and task-oriented.

The City Information Technology Center (CITC) under the Office of the City Administrator was set-up to support the development effort and manage the implementation, maintenance of the systems developed and repair and maintenance of all computers. CITC is the front line in the adoption and application of IT and ensures its utilization in strategic areas of government concern thus supporting all departments and offices in their respective thrusts and programs.